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Unikair Office Fronts


Transom mounting your sliding door allows you to not only save space, but design more glass into your office front. No need to only consider an opening equal to the height of the door when you can mount the slider anywhere above the opening to experience more light value. The single or self closing application allows several options to choose from for your most creative design.


This configuration allows you to get a single glass door between fixed glass partitions, with the track surface mounted to a glass transom.  A “self-closing” feature can be applied for the door to slightly close by itself through 8 different speed fittings. Door can also be placed in a “hold open” position if needed. It is usually applied for openings from 8’-0” to 12’-0”. The glass panels can be up to 9’-0” high. No floor track is required at the passageway. Two overlaps of 2 3/8” between the fixed and the sliding panels will be applied. The system is available in chrome finish.

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