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Rollglass Corner

Rollglass Corner Office Fronts and Conference Room
Consider this design approach when trying to create not only a special design to your office or conference area, but when you desire to have wider access to these environments with corner doors. Integrating the sliding door and fixed side-lite glass panels within the same track enhances aesthetic, acoustical value and ease of installation. The top track is either exposed to reinforce the horizontal movement of the planes or recessed for higher integration of the environment.
This configuration (fixed-sliding on one side and sliding-fixed on the other side) allows you to get a bi parting application with a corner entrance reaching a great clear opening in the middle with glass side-lites on each side. It is usually applied for openings from 10’-0” to 16’-0”. The glass panels can be up to 10’-0” high. No floor track is required at the passageway. An overlap of 2 3/8” between the fixed and the sliding panels will be applied. The system is available in clear anodized aluminum finish.

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