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Rollglass Office Fronts

Integrating the sliding door and fixed side-lite glass panels within the same track enhances aesthetic, acoustics and ease of installation. The top track can be surface mounted or recessed for cleaner more aesthetic design approach. A short 90º glass panel return between offices can be applied to avoid breaking the rhythm of the glass panels and the loss of transparency.

This configuration (fixed-sliding) allows you to get half of the opening with a fixed glass panel and the other half with the slider to get an optimum clear opening. A “self-closing” feature can be applied for the door to close by itself with 8 different speed settings. The door can also be placed in a “hold open” position as well. It is usually supplied for openings from 6’-0” to 10’-0”. The glass panels can be up to 10’-0” high. No floor track is required at the passageway, only under the fixed panels. An overlap of 2 3/8” between the fixed and the sliding panels will be applied to assist in noise reduction. The system is available in clear anodized aluminum finish.

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