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Extendo Office Fronts and Conference Room
Consider this design approach when trying to create not only a special design to your office or conference area, but when you desire to have wider access to these environments reaching a clear opening up to 16’-8”. This system too utilizes Klein’s proven synchronized movement between two or four telescoping glass panels. It is only necessary to move the lead door to include the trailing door as well.
This configuration allows you to get 4 sliders sliding in opposite directions allowing the doors to stack along both glass side-lites requiring only a quarter of the space of the entire opening. A synchronized feature is applied for the doors to slide simultaneously along the walls. The glass panels can be up to 10’-0” high. It is usually applied for openings from 14’-0” to 30’-0”. No floor track is required at the passageway. The track is usually mounted to the ceiling. An overlap of 2” between the fixed and the sliding panels will be applied. The system is available in clear anodized aluminum finish.
Extendo 4 doors is available up to 196'' total opening with all doors opening simultaneously.
Extendo 2+2 doors is available from 197" total opening with a simultaneous opening only with 2 doors on each side.

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